Dott. Luigi Vicari on gennaio 10th, 2009

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University’s School of Dentistry ( have discovered a novel function of the peptide known as Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the development of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve provides the signaling pathway for periodontal pain, dental surgical pain, and pain associated with temporomandibular disorder, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, and [...]

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The spread of cancer to the bones (called bone metastases) is one of the most frequent causes of severe pain in people with cancer. While drugs, radiation therapy and surgery sometimes help reduce the pain, a common technology may offer a new approach. It’s called MRI-guided focused ultrasound, used by a device named ExAblate.

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Dott. Luigi Vicari on gennaio 10th, 2009

AIOM (09/2009): Gestione della Tossicità Ematopoietica in Oncologia National Comprehensive Cancer Network (2009): Cancer- and Chemotherapy-Induced Anemia

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