News Author: Marlene Busko July 11, 2008 — Over a 2-week period, neonates in intensive care underwent a median of 10 painful procedures per day, 79.2% without analgesia, in a study from Paris.

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Robert S. Krouse Cancer Chemother Rev.  2008;3(4):152-160.  ©2008 P. Permanyer Posted 10/28/2008 Palliative care is increasingly recognized as an important component of quality care for cancer patients. Given an estimated 1,437,180 new patients diagnosed with cancer in the USA in 2008 , and approximately 565,650 cancer-related deaths, care for those patients who are near the [...]

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News Author: Laurie Barclay, MD October 28, 2008 — The American Gastroenterological Association has issued a medical position statement and technical review on the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Both documents are published in the October issue of Gastroenterology.

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R. G. Craig; J. M. Hunter Br J Anaesth.  2008;101(3):296-310.  ©2008 Oxford University Press Posted 10/27/2008 The complications of chronic kidney disease (CKD) present the anaesthetist with a number of clinical challenges related in part to altered drug handling and to difficulties with vascular access and fluid balance. Safe anaesthetic management requires an understanding of [...]

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A Prospective Observational Study Miran Kolar; Miljenko Križmarić; Petra Klemen; Štefek Grmec Crit Care.  2008;12(5) ©2008 Kolar et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Posted 10/28/2008 Abstract and Introduction Abstract Introduction: Prognosis in patients suffering out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is poor. Higher survival rates have been observed only in patients with ventricular fibrillation who were fortunate enough [...]

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Paola Salacone S.C. Gastroenterologia A.S.U. San Luigi Gonzaga Regione Gonzole 10 10043 Orbassano – Torino E-mail: Introduzione. Il sintomo più importante nei soggetti affetti da pancreatite cronica è il dolore (presente in più dell’80% dei casi), in genere ricorrente e di lunga durata, che esita in un notevole peggioramento della qualità di vita, in quadri [...]

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Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Pancreas (12/2008): Meccanismi del Dolore nella Pancreatite Cronica

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