The word dermatome refers to a correspondence between the skin and the nervous system.  Sensory dermatome maps used to help localize the level of neurologic deficit.

Levels of principal dermatomes

C5 Clavicles
C5, 6, 7 Lateral parts of upper limbs
C8, Th1 Medial sides of upper limbs
C6 Thumb
C6, 7, 8 Hand
C8 Ring and little fingers
Th4 Level of nipples
Th10 Level of umbilicus
Th12 Inguinal or groin regions
L1, 2, 3, 4 Anterior and inner surfaces of lower limbs
L4, 5, S1 Foot
L4 Medial side of great toe
S1, 2, L5 Posterior and outer surfaces of lower limbs
S1 Lateral margin of foot and little toe
S2, 3, 4 Perineum

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