Patients and NHS Trusts are benefitting from a new pain relief system launched in the UK by Sheffield-based B. Braun Medical.

The groundbreaking Painbuster System uses a pump and catheter to deliver local anaesthetic directly into the wound area providing rapid and effective pain relief for up to five days.

Patients recover faster from surgery with significantly less need for painkillers such as morphine which can have unpleasant side effects. Treating these increases the length of stay, tying up valuable NHS resources

Sarah O’Connor, product manager from B. Braun Medical, which has its UK headquarters at Thorncliffe Park, said: “There are roughly seven million surgical procedures in the UK every year. Of those around one million will be suitable to use the Painbuster, including many orthopaedic, bowel and cardiothoracic operations.

“The system is designed to infuse local anaesthetic directly into the wound to provide effective pain relief for up to five days, without the need for opioids such as morphine.

“The technique itself is quick and easy to use and the system is totally disposable after use.”

An increasing number of hospitals throughout the country are now using the Painbuster system which B. Braun Medical is confident will become the gold standard for a wide range of procedures.

Dr Simon Williams, an Anaesthetic Consultant at Salisbury Hospital, said: “We are using Painbuster to improve outcomes for patients having keyhole surgery as part of an enhanced recovery programme.

“It significantly reduces any heavy drug requirements and allows the patient to mobilise well after the operation. This has proved particularly successfully following prostate cancer operations.

“The Painbuster system also improves safety and reduces the nurses’ workload on the wards.”

B. Braun Medical Ltd is a member of the B. Braun Group, one of the world´s leading healthcare companies which manufactures and distributes on a global basis, employing more than 28,000 people.

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